Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Another Mother's Day is in the books...I had a big long blah blah, rah rah Mom's post put together yesterday but was just not feeling it, I have no inspirational message, nothing. I have nothing.

Today my almost 18 year old was busily being the Mother's Day awesome kid cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and picking up the stuffing from the stuffed Easter bunny that the dog tore up. He then decided we should go to of course my favorite place, Off The Hook in NSB. Oysters for Mother's Day...all was not lost.

So after lunch we were visiting my Mother at Ocean View and I was really just sitting there listening to them chat. My Dad, his Grandpa and her husband died not to long ago, no one really says much about it, not wanting to upset her. She has the little card you get at the funeral home in her book as a bookmark. She was telling him how she liked to look at the picture, and how my Dad gave her the book, she reads it but she doesn't remember what she read (UGH). I was not even looking up at this point. Couldn't speak.

 My sweet child told her how he thought he heard his Grandpa walking in our kitchen not to long ago...squeaking really, his shoes squeaked across the floor. So Grandma said, "Curtis, I think you did hear him, he was trying to tell you he is watching out for you as you graduate and go to college and start your life."  Trust me this was quite a big sentence for my mother to get out. He was clearly choked up and so was she, I am still trying to sink into the chair, can't speak. Then she proceeds to tell him that she sees things on TV and thinks to herself, "I want to tell your Grandpa about it, but then I remember I can't." So he said..."well Grandma you can tell him, I am sure he hears you, he just can't answer you."

I had nothing, no words. I just sat there, thinking..Jeez I love that kid.

Happy Mother's Day.