Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Forgot the Orchid

Just a quick story...

A couple of days ago one of my worker dudes that helps me around here said "hey, you know there is an orchid hanging on the back fence." I thought to myself, "self, you forgot the freakin orchid." My father loved orchids, and this orchid was his favorite, in the months before he got sick he would say to me, "I need to repot that orchid." So I bought him a couple pots and some orchid potting stuff, he couldn't remember what he did with it, so I bought some more. He never did it.

When he was in the hospital he said repeatedly "make sure you water my plants." I knew I would forget that orchid so I hung it on the fence so it would get watered, have some sun all that jazz. I thought, "I will bring it back in when he comes home." Well, obviously he didn't come home and I forgot the freakin orchid.

So my Dad's prized orchid is in bad shape. Leaves all yellow, looks terrible, and still needs to be repotted, probably 3-4 plants in this pot. I also found all the potting stuff.

I brought it onto the porch, watered it and fed it and noticed it had a couple buds on it. No way this thing could bloom I thought, no one has looked in its direction in 3 months. This morning....