Thursday, July 30, 2015

Community School Supply Drive

The Community Back to School Supply Drive is kicking off! There are many children in our community that need a little help to get their school year started of right. Studies show that children who attend school with the proper supplies are more engaged and do better in school! 

How can you help? Donate supplies. The list is at the bottom of this post. You can donate at Beef O'Brady's in NSB, Denny's Restaurant, Babe James Center and  Vision Fitness on SR 44 next to Firehouse Subs. There will be more donation points and I will update when I get those.

Are you a business that would like to help. 35 backpacks with your logo can be donated for $135.00. Call Tim Hankerson for details on this program. The deadline is August 15th. Tim can be reached at 386-405-8539.

The kickoff for this program is this Saturday, August 1st. Head out to the New Smyrna Beach WalMart and grab some barbecue. Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken, and Pulled Chicken will all be available for purchase and all proceeds go to the school supply drive. This is some good stuff. Delicious!

If you have any questions or need more information give Tim a call at 386-405-8539. You all know Tim he is the owner of T's Mobile Services and is all over town detailing cars, trucks and other things. He does a fantastic job every year with this project and there are so many children that benefit! Let's help him out!

School Supply List

#2 Pencils
Hand Sanitizer                      

College Ruled Paper             
Colored Pencils

2 Inch Binders                                
1 ½ Inch Binders
White Out                             

Xerox Paper                                  
Ink Pens

Paper Clips                                     
Glue Sticks                            

Index Cards
Composition Booklets          

Spiral Notebooks                           
Dry Markers Scissors                               
Flash Cards
Waterproof Markers              

Pocket Calculators                        
T-Shirts and Socks                

Pencil Sharpeners

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mason Bar

I visited the Mason Bar today! Now what is the Mason Bar you ask, let me tell you. It is fresh, cold pressed juice and gourmet Popsicles. Seriously I watched them make the popsicles right there...they cut the fruit, the herbs...all of it. While I gets no fresher than that. I tried the Peach-Jalapeno. I thought OK,  that is weird. No, it was fantastic! They had all kinds of flavors from watermelon-kiwi to blackberry many fantastic flavors. 


The juice. Fantastic. Fresh. The owner Shaney and her children (who were making the popsicles) use organic ingredients whenever possible, They are growing their own herbs in the store in the hydroponics is truly all about healthy and delicious. 

 The decor is so sweet, the location was a spa before with tons of cedar, they took the wood and re-purposed it and painted it and made it into the tables and benches. Here they nice!

Great place, nice people, truly a family owned, local business. Visit them at 488 N. Causeway...right at the bottom of the bridge next to Buena Vista Park. It is absolutely worth checking out!

Their Facebook Page is here and their website is under construction!

Friday, July 24, 2015

C's Waffles-Online Ordering

I just tried the new online ordering that C's Waffles offers. My daughter and I were getting our nails done at Happy Nails and thought breakfast sounded good. So I hopped on my iPad and we ordered from their beach side location. Finished getting my nails done and walked in grabbed the food and was home eating a hot, delicious breakfast in no time. Worked perfectly!

C's has two NSB locations one beach side near Dollar General and one on SR 44, both offer online ordering, you can do it from their Facebook page or their website. Pay by debit or credit card. They are also offering 20% off your first online order. Check it out!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cool Beans & More

I love checking out new places around town. My sweet friend Elaine from the Om Bar, told me about Cool Beans and More which is just off Flagler Ave on Jessamine behind Nejma's. They just opened on July 11th.

The have real Italian Ice and Coffee. Their coffee is organic and comes from Island Roasters, They have a delicious cold brew as well as the standard hot coffee choices. The coffee prices are the same as if you were to go to Island Roasters and get it yourself! They also sell water for only .75 a bottle, who does that? No one that I know of.

 Now on to the Italian Ice. It is delicious...yes, I sampled about six different kinds, chocolate being my favorite. The orange cream swirl a close second (think creamsicle). They have a bunch of different flavors to choose from.

Cool Beans is a little off the Flagler path you can either walk around behind Nejma's or come in the back through the gate from Jessamine. There is a really nice little courtyard with seating and a fountain to take a break from shopping.

They are open from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm except on Sunday when they close at 6:00 pm.

For sure worth stopping in for a treat!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Artisan Gardens

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the new owners of  Artisan Gardens today. They are located at 302 S. Riverside Drive and it is gorgeous. It is the former Clay Gallery (yes the pottery studio is still open in the back).

It is a fantastic setting right across from the water. They offer beautiful art, jewelry, delicious baked goods, pastries, muffins and coffee. The coffee is roasted locally by Hottie Coffee who we all know and love!

Artisan Gardens is a great place to hold an event from a small party to a wedding! This would be the ideal place to hold a company meeting or a family get together. It is also a perfect spot to just grab a cup of coffee, sit in the garden and read the paper.

They are open Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm. You can check them out on their Facebook page while their website is being developed.

Oceans of Hope Event

Oceans of Hope is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to giving those with limited mobility an opportunity to get on the beach and in the water. Check out their website here.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fox Firestone Bicycles

I finally decided to get my bike fixed, it has been sitting in the garage with two flat tires for oh, about 2 years. It is actually my son's bike, but you know that story, they get a car and bye bye bike.

So I loaded it up in the truck and took it to Fox Firestone Bicycles on Monday. They gave it a look and said inner tubes, a little oil and it will be ready on Wednesday. I added a basket for the front so I can look like this.

They called me to tell me it was ready and I went over and got it yesterday. I chatted for a few minutes with them about all sorts of things. Super nice people (they also own Volusia Motorsports 2 doors down). So great fast service, nice people. Reasonable prices too, I spent well under $100.00 for the repair and the basket. Just call me Miss Gulch.

Fox Firestone Bicycles is located at 1609 Canal Street in NSB.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Goodbye to a Hero

Yesterday a true American Hero passed away. Ed Safford was a Veteran of World War II. You can read about his exploits here.  Ed was also a very sweet man. He lived in Edgewater for many years, his wife passed away a long time ago and he had no children. My daughter used to go and help him with his computer. He was a very good friend of my Dad's. They used to go to Peggy's Country Kitchen on Monday nights for goulash and a couple times a week to C's Waffles for breakfast.

Ed had not been in good health in recent months and it was a surprise to all of us when my Dad passed away before he did. Although it took great effort Ed made it to my Dad's funeral and proudly sat in the the front row and honored his friend. So Ed, I am sharing your story again, so that we can honor you too. A veteran, a good man and a great friend. I am sure you and my Dad are whooping it up eating goulash and baked beans. Rest In Peace.

Read Ed's Story.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sea Turtle Nests

This is a Sea Turtle Nest. It is nesting season so there are a ton of them all over the beach right now. They are clearly marked with cones with cute little turtles on them. They also have signs explaining what they are and not to disturb them. Sea Turtles are protected and the local wildlife, turtle tracker people make great efforts in keeping track of and keeping these babies safe. 

 The nests are labeled with numbers. If you look closely this one is B23 and the dates for laying and expected hatching are on the post. If you have never seen a hatching it is up on the list of very coolest things ever!

This is what it looks like when the Turtles come in and go back to the water when they lay their eggs. Turtle Tracks!

Have an excellent day!