Friday, July 10, 2015

Fox Firestone Bicycles

I finally decided to get my bike fixed, it has been sitting in the garage with two flat tires for oh, about 2 years. It is actually my son's bike, but you know that story, they get a car and bye bye bike.

So I loaded it up in the truck and took it to Fox Firestone Bicycles on Monday. They gave it a look and said inner tubes, a little oil and it will be ready on Wednesday. I added a basket for the front so I can look like this.

They called me to tell me it was ready and I went over and got it yesterday. I chatted for a few minutes with them about all sorts of things. Super nice people (they also own Volusia Motorsports 2 doors down). So great fast service, nice people. Reasonable prices too, I spent well under $100.00 for the repair and the basket. Just call me Miss Gulch.

Fox Firestone Bicycles is located at 1609 Canal Street in NSB.