Thursday, July 9, 2015

Goodbye to a Hero

Yesterday a true American Hero passed away. Ed Safford was a Veteran of World War II. You can read about his exploits here.  Ed was also a very sweet man. He lived in Edgewater for many years, his wife passed away a long time ago and he had no children. My daughter used to go and help him with his computer. He was a very good friend of my Dad's. They used to go to Peggy's Country Kitchen on Monday nights for goulash and a couple times a week to C's Waffles for breakfast.

Ed had not been in good health in recent months and it was a surprise to all of us when my Dad passed away before he did. Although it took great effort Ed made it to my Dad's funeral and proudly sat in the the front row and honored his friend. So Ed, I am sharing your story again, so that we can honor you too. A veteran, a good man and a great friend. I am sure you and my Dad are whooping it up eating goulash and baked beans. Rest In Peace.

Read Ed's Story.