Monday, July 27, 2015

Mason Bar

I visited the Mason Bar today! Now what is the Mason Bar you ask, let me tell you. It is fresh, cold pressed juice and gourmet Popsicles. Seriously I watched them make the popsicles right there...they cut the fruit, the herbs...all of it. While I gets no fresher than that. I tried the Peach-Jalapeno. I thought OK,  that is weird. No, it was fantastic! They had all kinds of flavors from watermelon-kiwi to blackberry many fantastic flavors. 


The juice. Fantastic. Fresh. The owner Shaney and her children (who were making the popsicles) use organic ingredients whenever possible, They are growing their own herbs in the store in the hydroponics is truly all about healthy and delicious. 

 The decor is so sweet, the location was a spa before with tons of cedar, they took the wood and re-purposed it and painted it and made it into the tables and benches. Here they nice!

Great place, nice people, truly a family owned, local business. Visit them at 488 N. Causeway...right at the bottom of the bridge next to Buena Vista Park. It is absolutely worth checking out!

Their Facebook Page is here and their website is under construction!