Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This Blog

This little blog has served many purposes over the last 8+ years. It has provided me a forum to promote local businesses, schools, local events, all sorts of things. I have never made money from this blog, that has never been what it was about.

This blog has been through marriage, divorce, death, old jobs, new jobs, happy times and sad. What it has never been is a target for someone to attack my children. In the past week, it is my understanding that my blog, my business, and one of my children have been attacked on several different Facebook pages. I have only seen these attacks because people who are horrified have sent me screenshots of them. In other words, cowards saying things with no threat of response, someone hiding behind their keyboard as people are so prone to do.

Quite frankly I do not care what people say about me, Most of it is not true and I am pretty tough. However, do not ever mess with my kids. I have gone to lengths that normal people would not to protect them from things that most of you cannot imagine.

My kids are fantastic, kind, considerate human beings. They care for animals, old people and put others before themselves on most all occasions. No rational human being, particularly a parent can think it is okay to attack a child. If you do, please unfollow me right this minute.

So I ask you, my readers and followers of the last 8+ years, when you see comments, statements and things that may be posted about me, or my children...look away. Better yet, speak up and say that is not okay. I have stood up for many things over the last several years, some popular, some not. I will always stand up for what I think is right.

Thanks for listening.


Ann said...

I am so sorry this happened. People can be so cruel just for the sake of it. You and your family are wonderful people and do not deserve this. Lots of hug and loves for you all!

Darlene L said...

You got it friend. You're children are great people. We are fortunate to know them, especially Sammi, who was more help than I could ever ask for when I was in need. You raised them well and you are an excellent parent. If I see anything disrespectful, you know I will be on it! Only lowlife, cowards will spew garbage and pick on the peaceful decent people in the world.